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The maple tree has long been associated with Canada, and it comes to life in the experience when layered with reimagined “aboriginal techno aesthetic.” The organic nature of the leaves, combined with the technological texture of the trunk, exemplifies Canada’s technological innovation in the form of a knowledge tree.


Create an interactive experiential touch for the Canadian booth at EWIT summer 2022 by combining AR and VR with 3D conceptual art and animation to promote the Trade Commissioner Service in the Hague.


The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is a government agency that assists Canadian born businesses in expanding internationally by connecting them with funding and support as well as programmes, opportunities, and a global network of trade commissioners in over 160 cities.

The Ask

Assist in making the Government of Canada booth, at EWIT summer 2022 edition, interactive by incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experience with 3D conceptual art & animation to promote the Trade Commissioner Service in the Hague, thereby taking the first step toward a more tangible, digital and engaging method of showcasing Canada’s technological achievements to the rest of the world.

AR QR code

The Challenge

The Government of Canada, through TCS, desires to enter the metaverse however lacks a robust online digital presence. The Trade Commissioner Service's participation in EWIT 2022 was viewed as a stepping stone for the government's entrance into the digital age. In addition to the absence of previous digital precedent, the project faced other constraints, such as a very limited area to house the experience and an extremely tight delivery deadline, only 45 days from concept to final delivery.

Technical Aspects

Blender 3.1, the free and open-source software, was used to create and publish all 3D assets in the GLTF file format (a royalty-free specification for engines and apps) to efficiently transmit and load the 3D scenes and models into the code.

Custom scripts were written in Vanilla JavaScript in order to further customise the experience in accordance with the concept. By utilising “A-Frame,” a web framework for developing 3D/AR/VR experiences, Taktical’s team made the experience compatible with Oculus Quest, Rift, WMR, SteamVR, mobile, and desktop.

Tree in monitor

About European Women In Tech (EWIT)

EWIT is Europe's Largest Tech Event For Women, which takes place once a year. Every summer, over 5000 global leaders, innovators, and decision-makers converge in Amsterdam to celebrate "the power of resilience" by shining a light on the people, businesses, and technology that are driving transformation in a changing world.

Client's Insight And Testimonials

"It seems really great, I think it’s well-reflected. I was particularly impressed by the size of it. It’s pretty big!"

Fanny Bousquet
Science, Technology and Innovation officer
Trade Commissioner Service in the Hague, Netherlands.

Canada AR Tree

A Taste Of Our Creative Production

Blender tree
Blender Leaf
Blender tree trunk
Blender tree bones
Blender tree lowres
Blender tree fullres
AR Phone mockup