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Marketing is at its finest when multiple minds collaborate to solve design challenges. Taktical Studio offers design services to marketers who require additional assistance and support. The Co-op Continuous Design Support service is an all-inclusive roll-out solution that clients may use to ensure long-term creativity without overwhelming their staff.


Help with daily design work to relieve the internal team while following to brand rules to the letter, finding inventive ways to do photoshoots results during COVID, and delivering a streamlined editable packages while helping the marketing team to keep up with deadlines.


AMD Medicom is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality infection control, patient care and prevention products.

The COVID-19 Crisis

The Early Conditions

The successive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic presented businesses with additional hurdles. Among many other concerns, the novel remote work and shortage of specialised workers in particular industries constituted a fresh obstacle. In this context, numerous businesses sought the assistance of third parties for the development of internal operations.

Work History

AMD Medicom contacted Taktical at the beginning of 2021 for additional graphic design support for their internal team. Taktical was essential in helping with all types of visual content and meeting all the additional manpower needs of multiple stakeholders.

It was critical to explain how simple the product is to use by dentists in their daily routines, indicating how simple and less messy SafeGauze®HemoStatTM is when compared to traditional products.

Design Storytelling

The Design Storytelling department of Taktical initiated the development of a vast array of essential brand strategy collaterals, including: • Bilingual (English and French) concepts for product-specific campaigns; • Multiple sales documents such as sales-sheets and brochures; • Brandbook and brand guidelines revisions • Management of photoshoots and creation of 3D imagery.

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