3D Virtual Trade Booth & Interactive Sales Environment

Design Storytelling + Creative Production


Let consumers browse a "typical" trade expo. Creating a pleasant, light, and self-paced way to explore product technical documentation.


Build a virtual space for a trades shows to meet their sales team specific requirements.


  • Generation of Visual Concept and All 3D Imagery
  • In-Experience Marketing Collateral Conceptualization
  • Graphic design templating Development
  • Operational Manual And Staff Training
  • Adaptation Of Preexisting Marketing Collateral


Let consumers browse a "typical" trade expo. Creating a pleasant, light, and self-paced way to explore product technical documentation.

Medicom Booth

The Ask

In the midst of the pandemic, AMD Medicom sought a way to enable its sales force to continue interacting with customers despite the lockdown. As the ODA Trade Show 2021 drew near, a flagship opportunity arose: establish a virtual booth to showcase the company’s extensive product line, hold live conversations with prospective clients, and conduct guided tours as if they were a physical event. The virtual experience was also designed in a way to allow participants to explore their own consumer journey by actively engaging with Medicom’s interactive content.

Develop for AMD Medicom a comprehensive user-friendly (user = Medicom's Sales Team) and completely editable 3D Virtual Trade Booth & Interactive Multi-purpose Sales Environment tool, equipped with trackable and actionable data, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) for each salesperson on their team.

Technical Aspects

  • Multilingual
  • Chatbot & Live Chat
  • Public Tours
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Multiseat application
  • Full Analytics
  • Live guided tours
  • Private Tours
  • VR Compatible
  • Fully responsive
  • Client operated
  • Multi-show compatible

Key Benefits

  1. Increased brand recognition
  2. Extended audience reach
  3. Leverage eCommerce platforms to make on-the-spot sales
  4. Use gamification to increase stay-times
  5. Get detailed reports and KPIs to measure success
  6. Keep events live for as long as it takes to achieve marketing goals
Medicom Booth

Custom Environment Imagery

Medicom 7
Medicom 8
Medicom 9
Medicom 10
Medicom 11
Medicom 12

A Taste Of Our Creative Production

Medicom 1
Medicom 2
Medicom 3
Medicom 4
Medicom 5
Medicom 6

Client's Insight And Testimonials

Taktical produced a personalised marketing experience for Medicom that was fueled by inventive content and cutting-edge technology, and the client recognized this accomplishment via their social media.

Medicom 6

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