Brand Storytelling For Marketing Campaigns - 3D Edition

Design Storytelling


Utilizing the power of 3D-generated visuals to bring ideas to life is often the optimal approach for a project. When creating a whimsical or fantastic setting, computer-generated components are the best approach to bring any concept to life, especially in creative advertising. The Duraflor Ultra® flavour swirl was specially built for Medicom with the 3D expertise of the Taktical team.


Develop a custom creative concepts that will be leveraged by the client's internal marketing team to create effective product campaigns.


AMD Medicom is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality infection control, patient care and prevention products.

Duraflor® UltraTM Flavours

About The Product

Duraflor® UltraTM is a fast-acting, easy-to-apply 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish that comes in a variety of sweetened with xylitol flavours (Mint, Caramel, Strawberry, Cherry and Bubble Gum), popular choice among dentists.

The Ask

Medicom required a bright and colourful concept to be presenetd on their hygiene show specials. They truly need this communication to be unique, vibrant, and noticeable.

On this notion, Medicom would emphasize two products, one of which was Duraflor® UltraTM. The final one-page ad should depict Duraflor® UltraTM with a rush of flavours and a blaze of colours to represent their Master Series L3 Pink Masks.

The customer had diligently begun creating this concept on their own, but was unable to identify how to display flavours in a compelling manner.

Medicom Booth
Medicom Booth Medicom Booth Medicom Booth Medicom Booth Medicom Booth

A Taste Of Our Creative Production

Medicom 1
Medicom 2
Medicom 3
Medicom 4
Medicom 5
Medicom 6

The Swirl Metaphor

A swirl can be a visual depiction of movement in a twisting or spiralling pattern, and it is frequently used as a unit of measure for something that is moving in a whirl. This appears to be the best approach to express a rush of flavours flowing from a tube of varnish since it is simple yet stimulating.

All flavours could be easily depicted in this representation, either together or separately, allowing Medicom to promote the flavour cornucopia or strategically focus on a certain flavour at any given time.

Medicom 6

The Swirl Composition

Medicom Duraflor ad

Sprucing Up Client’s Pre-made Visual

The Devil in the Details

When conveying a visual tale, every aspect matters. The design storytelling must elevate the product by demonstrating its high quality and craftsmanship, hence all design team decisions must be carefully considered when creating a visual concept.

Dusty Purple Mask

Client's initial graphic visual concept

Smoky Mask

Taktical Studio's reviewed graphic visual concept

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