Demystifying Complex Ideas

Design Storytelling


Many sectors have been impacted by AI, and more breakthroughs are inevitable. However, AI is still strongly reliant on individuals and requires collaboration to fulfil tasks. The graphic narrative focuses on how AI empowers humans and depicts the collaboration between the two.


Demonstrate that AI can be used to make faster, risk-managed supply chain decisions by establishing a communication strategy and storytelling that demonstrates to potential applicants that AI technology is not as daunting as is commonly believed.


Supply Chain Canada is Canada's leading supply chain association, known for innovation, worldwide competitiveness, and economic growth.

The Ask

Even after conducting prior research on the development of a new certification programme for analytical models to improve the quality and speed of SCM decision making, the Supply Chain Canada + Alberta Institute reported that the number of interested parties in enrollment was far smaller than initially anticipated.

In attempting to comprehend the issue, the marketing department discovered a flaw in the way the course was being presented when investigating the reasons for the low enrollment rate. It wasn't so much that the subject wasn't compelling enough, but that the communication, which was mainly reliant on the Artificial Intelligence portion of the course , became somewhat intimidating to the general audience.

The Challenge

Creating a striking visual concept for a sceptical audience is a difficult endeavour that must be approached with caution. The key to success is knowing how far to go conceptually without upsetting the audience, and most of the time this work demands the storytelling to be toned down to provide a welcoming efficient beautiful look.

Supply Chain Cube

Design Storytelling - The graphic narrative

Taktical team built a pleasant visual story that could very well interact with the audience in a relaxing manner by employing common visual signifiers.

The scenes of ordinary supply chain workers, coupled with geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude mounted on a 3D cube in front of a plexus graphic image as symbol of technology are not a novel approach to framing the theme at hand, but it was a formula basic enough for represent the concept while making the audience feel comfortable and at ease.

Supply Chain Cube 1 Supply Chain Cube 2 Supply Chain Cube 3 Supply Chain Cube 4
Supply Chain Cube All

Implementing The Design Storytelling To The Enrollment Website And Sales Deck

The website had to be clean, concise, and simple, displaying technology through a few elements that didn't have to be necessarily triggered by the user. The whole atmosphere of dynamism and automation should occur naturally in order to provide the illusion of artificial intelligence desired by the client without the user making any effort. To accomplish this, a variety of animations was used, ranging from background films to s.croll animations.

Supply Chain Monitor

Custom Made Elements

Supply Chain Cubes
Supply Chain Cubes 2

Sales Deck

Supply Chain Publications