Brand Storytelling & Initial Web Footprint

Design Storytelling + Creative Production


"Psychedelic art" refers to the counterculture art movement of the late 60s that used distorted or surreal images, bright colours, and animation (including cartoons) to convey or enhance psychedelic experiences. A simplified and deconstructed version of this type of art, coted with west coast vibes was used to create a memorable brand.


Create brand identity and launch the clinic's online presence with a simple yet avant-garde website.


The Vancouver Island Ketamine Clinic is a trailblazing clinic on Canada's west coast that employs research-backed and evidence-based psychedelic medicine as a therapy option for a wide range of psychiatric and pain disorders.

Colour Palette

Red Damask
Royal Blue

Official Logo

VIKC Official Logo

Simplified Version

VIKC Logo Simplified Version



Tough Process & Moodboard

The whimsical approach, line drawings, and west coast aest

A visual that is colorful, lively, and surprising, as opposed to serious and predictable medical approach. Something that provides patients with comfort while seeming friendly and accommodating.

VIKC Inspirations
VIKC Cards

Making It Meaningful

To enhance brand narrative, a successful website is always founded on brand identity. UX and UI are crucial in establishing a reputable brand. Every colour, element, and section is essential because they collectively contribute to a memorable impression. Every element, from large to small, communicates to visitors and the target audience what to expect from the business, and people are more likely to trust a brand when they can become familiar with it in a seamless and sensible manner.

Technical Aspects

A aesthetically stunning yet simple website built solely with Vanilla JavaScript and no framework. To make the code even more stable, the team built the CSS with SASS extension language, and the HTML using web components, a collection of web platform APIs that enables the creation of new, reusable, encapsulated code. All of this wizardry loads in less than 0.9 seconds due to developers' efforts to make it lightweight, by employing:

  • Parcel 2.0 Bundler
  • Tree shaking
  • Code splitting
  • Minification
  • Webp Image optimization
  • Gzip and Brotli Compression
  • Open-Props for css styling
  • Content hashing

GSAP is used to produce the website's animations. This library provides unprecedented levels of control and versatility, leaving the imagination as the sole constraint. Performance and browser compatibility are two more major benefits of using GSAP.

VIKC website Monitor
VIKC website