Improving Pitch Deck Documentation Via Design Storytelling

Design Storytelling


The idea, in general terms, is to take a deep dive into the human psyche. We enter the mind via a user-controlled tunnel brimming with psychedelic and technological elements, making our way through the official website of VPI.


Provide expert assistance in transforming VPI's marketing team's pitch deck into a compelling, engaging, and content-rich document to help attract investors.


VIP (Virtual Psychedelics Inc) is a cutting-edge research organisation at the intersection of virtual reality and psychedelic treatment, exploring for revolutionary therapy methods.

The Ask

The request was to repackage their existing documentation with the same visual look and feel as the website.

Creating An Innovative Deck

The Challenge

Incorporate the entertaining and animated language of the website into a static corporate document. The client sought the pitch deck to have a lot of dynamism and some degree of motion.

The Solution

Using a suite of modern presentation tools based on open-source non-linear presentation framework, Taktical Studio to created an awe-inspiring multimedia presentation deck

VPI 3 Screens VPI 1 Screens
VPI 1 Screens
VPI 3 Screens
VPI 3 Screens

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