WebGL Gamified Experience

Design Storytelling + Creative Production


The idea, in general terms, is to take a deep dive into the human psyche. We enter the mind via a user-controlled tunnel brimming with psychedelic and technological elements, making our way through the official website of VPI.


Create a gamified web experience to increase general public engagement, attract investors, and serve as an ultramodern website intro, intended to be seamlessly incorporated into a regular CMS-based website.


VIP (Virtual Psychedelics Inc) is a cutting-edge research organisation at the intersection of virtual reality and psychedelic treatment, exploring for revolutionary therapy methods.

Psilocybin Melocule

The Ask

Demonstrate through a high-end, VR-ready, WebGL Gamified Web Experience VPI's capacity to build a high-performance, immersive platform for treating the human mind using the next dimension technology and psychedelics, while attracting investors and engaging the general public.


Utilize virtual reality (VR) and gaming techniques to provide a wow factor coupled with a basic digital architectural framework, making upgrading effortless.

Tunnel texture


Phase 01 - WebGL Gamified Web Experience
Phase 02 - CMS Website Redesign

Technical Aspects

For Phase 01, Taktical’s 3D code uses WebGL (Three.js) in addition to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. GreenSock GSAP - JQuery was used for animation, and Blender created 3D models. The music was created in-house with Protools and Web Audio API.

The Tunnel

A Taste Of Our Creative Production

Blender Eye
Blender VR
Blender Psilocybin Melocule
Code Eye
Code VR
Blender Psilocybin Melocule

Custom Made Elements

Digital Womb Background
VPI Eye Logo Background
Sacred Geometry Background
VR Head Crystal
VR Head Mesh
Womb Animation
3D Eye Geometry

A Simple CMS Website

Although WordPress originated as a blogging platform, it has since evolved into a comprehensive website builder and content management system (CMS).

The best feature of WordPress is that it is easy to use and flexible enough to develop several types of websites. Recent research indicates that 43% of all websites on the web are powered by WordPress.

Due to its robust capabilities, Taktical Studio choose WordPress to enable VPI to self-feed and administer its website, posting the latest updates on Clinical XR, Transmedia and Research.

Making A Website Great

VIP need a website that was as distinctive as their organization, and no one part of marketing is more vital than a solid cohesive website in sync with brand strategy.

In order to deliver the right message, a website must be aesthetically pleasing, clean, and professional, but it must also perform efficiently and reliably, as intended: build to web standards, and test for performance and functionality concerns. This is when the significance of UX and UI becomes apparent. User Experience (UX) is crucial for encouraging users to comprehend and engage on a website.

Make obvious, logical navigation with a clear structure, is key to success. Minimising dead ends, help users achieve their goals quicker while maintaining their attention.

Desktop Version

3 screens

Mobile Version

mobile version

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