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Design Storytelling


Utilize the food pairing concept proposed by Vuse's marketing team to create a refined user interface (UI) while improving the user experience (UX), all while adhering to VUSE's desired style of minimal branding.


Collaborate with the YHP project management team while being the driving creative force in the conception of a quiz interface for Vuse's own retail flavour exploration experience.


YHP, Youville Haussmann Park, is an engagement agency that creates immersive experiences programs.

The Ask

Using Vuse's marketing team inspiration to create a quiz based on food pairing in order to present flavour information using synesthetic inputs within the hardware constraints outlined by the partner YHP.

The same application was required to run on two very different hardware platforms, a BrightSign Media using light sensors and a MagicInfo Samsung without them. Another distinct difference between about the environments was that one permitted to vape inside the store area whereas it was strictly forbidden in the other.

Main Objectives

  • Upgrade the current version of the experience, adding new flavours while simplifing navigation.
  • Encourageing users to spend more time on the tablet, and assisting them in discovering the whole Vuse portfolio.
  • Increase flavour education in-store to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

The Challenge

  • Bring every aspect of the band's campaign to life via the tablet engagement.
  • Use technology to keep customers interested, making it entertaining, unique and dynamic.
vuse screen
vuse screens

Work Process

  • User Flow Diagrams
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Round of Feedback
  • User Interface Design

A Complex Project With Numerous Decision-Makers

Taktical Studio was invited to collaborate with the project management team of the Youville Haussmann Park to meet the needs of the agency's client, the brand of vapour goods Vuse. All parties engaged played important roles in the development of this proprietary application, and teamwork was critical to the project's success.

User Flow Diagram

User Flow Diagram

Style Guide

Style Guide typo 1
Style Guide typo 2

Basic Wireframes

Basic Wireframes

Main UI Elements

UI Elements
UI Elements 2 UI Elements 3
UI Elements 4
UI Elements 4
UI Elements 4
UI Elements 4

Partial Decision Tree

Partial Decision Tree

Sample Screens

Vuse Sample Screens